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Voiceover is Our Passion

Talking to ourselves in a small padded room. It's literally what we do for a living. But, here's the thing, we do it because we love it. We get paid to do the thing that makes us happy. How many people can say that?

A man, a mic, and a dream walk into a bar...

We are a small studio, like, itty bitty. But we have talent and good manners. Turns out that goes a long way in this business. Who knew? If you're in need of a voiceover, we can help and we'll do it with a smile that you can hear.

Give your project the voice it deserves

(Hint: It's our voice)

Seriously though, we may not have all that fancy equipment from the handy dandy stock photo over there, but we sure sound like we do, right?!

This means that you can have an expensive sounding project without breaking the bank. (Yay!)


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TEQ Studios

208 Craven Street, Tarboro, NC 27886, us

(252) 801-8257


Normal Recording Hours

8pm to 11pm 

Seven Days A Week

Editing happens ALL the time :)

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