Wow, you must have done something awful..KIDDING! Seriously though, give me the opportunity and I’ll show you why I’ve been doing this longer than most marriages last. If you’d like to see some of my reviews, just hop over to LinkedIn.


Voicemail! It’s fast, it’s easy, and usually requires almost no editing, yay! Get a single custom voicemail delivered in your favorite audio format (MP3, WAV, etc) for only $25! Need voicemail for a whole company, maybe a phone directory or two? I’ve got you covered, contact me and we can review the scope of your project so I can give you an accurate quote.


“Sure, ok, you sound amazing and all, but how much is this going to cost me?”, you say with trepidation…what, just me? Good News! I’m not the most expensive game in town! (I’m not the cheapest either, buuut you get what you pay for, you know?)


I charge $400 per finished hour of audio for long form narration (i.e. ACX, Free Range Audio Books, Really Boring and Drawn Out Beyond The Human Attention Span eLearnings, etc.)

Ok, but lets say your project is like 30 seconds for a radio ad, that’s where we fall back on my handy dandy minimum fee of $100

Sooo, whether it’s 30 seconds or it’s 15 minutes, the fee is the same. $100. Simple!

“Wow that’s way cheaper than industry rates”, you say as you browse through the various voiceover industry pages below

Yes. Yes it is, and once I’ve upgraded my studio (again) and moved into my new house with more overhead in a more expensive neighborhood, my rates will go back up, good news is, all the clients that jump on board before that will be grandfathered in (Lucky you!).

(Voicemail special is still in effect though, that’s the only exception to the $100 rule)

Next Steps…

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email me at or give me a call at (252)801-8257