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Look, I've been talking to myself in a small padded room for years and years now. To be honest, I'm pretty good at it now. Go figure, right? Want proof?

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Lend me your ears! me instead. That'd be great! But how much will the audio you want for your project actually cost?

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It's Who You Know, Ya Know?

So, maybe I know someone that knows what you need to know? Or has a skill that you're looking for? Need an eLearning Developer? Guess what, I know a few! Need an audio editor? Gotcha covered. Want a guy or gal that can edit video? Basically, if there's a a freelance service you need, I probably know someone who knows someone that knows something about it.

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So, Here's The Thing


This all started way back, a few decades ago at an interview for a call center job when I was 18 years old. The person doing the interview would have you read a phone script as the final part of the interview (after you passed the typing test and basic computer skills assessments). So, there I am, reading the script, hoping I'm not blowing it, by the time I finish, this guy is just staring at me open mouthed. Then he says, "Um, yeah...yeah" chuckles to himself, like a giddy little school girl (ever see Big Trouble in Little China? Think Lo-pan chittering to himself) he then says, "Yeah, we can work with that" with the biggest grin I've ever seen. "You're hired"

Now mind you, this is the job where I would eventually meet my wife and mother of my two amazing kids (who are both completely grown human beings at this point able to fully support themselves *Parental High Five To The Wife* we made grown ups!) but I digress. I worked at that call center for a few years and later moved into advertising with one of Scripps Newspapers (The Knoxville News Sentinel) Stayed there for about six years until the economic crisis hit and they started laying folks off left and right, eventually cutting down to 50% staff. From there I was working two low paying jobs to make ends meet. Somewhere around tax return time I turn to my wife and say, "Honey, I really want to give this voice over thing a try. I think we could make some money, can I buy some equipment this year?" and she said "Yes, if it'll make you happy and make us money, go for it" so I did, and here I am.

Now, don't get me wrong, I've failed. Like...a LOT. In the beginning I failed to account for the time needed to narrate and edit an audio book, missed deadlines by a longshot, and ran into also sorts of scheduling conflicts. I've made mistakes. On the plus side, I've learned from them too.

Which brings us to present day. Currently I'm residing in Tarboro North Carolina in what amounts to farm country about an hour from any major cities. On the plus side, it's pretty darn quiet (unless there's a train) which is great for recording. I've got a home recording setup that I'm always looking to upgrade and a wife that makes allowances for what started out as a hobby and ended up being something that I can make a living doing. (Which is awesome by the way, do what you love and it's not really work, you know?)

There's more to the story, but those are the cliff notes 🙂


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